Zipper Types

Zipper Types:

Coil Zippers are the most common type of zippers. They used to be made from nylon and are still commonly referred to as nylon coil zippers even though now they are typically made from polyester. Coil zippers are lightweight, heat resistant, and rustproof.

Invisible Zippers are most often used in dresses and skirts. The coil on an invisible zipper is located on the back side of the zipper and will not be visible from the front of a garment after the zipper has been installed. Invisible zippers are usually coil zippers with a tear drop pull.

Separating Zippers are designed so the two sides of the tape are able to come apart completely after the zipper has been installed. Separating zippers use a box and pin mechanism. They are most commonly found on coats and sweatshirts. They are also called open-ended zippers.

Metal Zippers have two lines of metal teeth that have been molded and placed on either side of the tape at regular intervals. The teeth can be made from aluminum, nickel, or brass. They are most commonly found on jeans.

Plastic Molded Zippers are the same as metal zippers except the teeth have been molded out of plastic.

How to Measure a Zipper:
Zippers are measured from metal to metal. When measuring a closed bottom zipper start at the top stop and measure down to the bottom stop. When measuring a separating zipper measure from the top stop to the bottom of the retainer box. The extra tape is not counted when measuring a zipper.

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